I’m back

I’m back, in many ways. In fall last year I decided that 4 years in the US should be enough and so I moved back to Switzerland in December. At the same time, I decided to go back into the OCS / Lync space and join Unify2 – a solution provider for Microsoft Lync – to help them build their products and services. And last but not least, I’m trying (again) to write a little more frequently about stuff.

Here’s to … changes

I decided to start with a new series of posts (oh well, I guess it’ll turn out later if it’s really going to be a series) of Here’s to … Xyz posts to praise (or slam; go figure it out!) stuff.

So here’s to changes. If someone told me a year ago where I would be in a year and what I would be doing, I would have smiled at them and thought something like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But here I am: After almost 4 years in Microsoft’s Development Center in Zurich, Switzerland I decided to pursue new opportunities and to move to Redmond in the state of Washington, where I am now working as part of the Windows Services and Content team in the Windows client organization. Which gets me right to the point: Changes. For me this really was a big change and so far I think it was well worth it. I have to admit though, that I did underestimate the work and stress invovled in the relocation (and I’m not completely done yet). On the other hand, what I gained so far already is priceless. So maybe in a year from now, you should ask me what I think about this. And maybe I’ll still tell you the same thing. Changes can be a good thing, if you give it a try.

Data Recovery

In the course of figuring out whether or not it would make sense to try to recover the data on my RIPped harddisk, I realised that even though it might just go all well it (i.e. most of the rant from my blog so far) is not really worth it. It appears that the companies which offer this kind of services in the greater area all ask for something like 800-1000 CHFs. Given that until last Sunday I have written around 280 posts and at most 100 of them are actually of any interest, they would each have to have a value of around 8 CHFs. Honestly, I don’t think they do 😉

So I started recovering the posts I actually somehow liked from multiple search engines’ caches. So please do not be surprised if you run into old blog posts again and if you do not understand ’em because they’re German.

Welcome Back

Well then, here we go. After a couple of years writing mostly only in German, I am back to writing in English. If you are wondering what happened, here’s the story. So far I have been using my own blog engine for my blog. Yesterday, after several years of loyal services, one of the hard disks in my server decided to say goodbye and leave me forever. Unfortunately that was the one which contained much of my data including the blog. So I while I am about to recover the data there, I decided that I could as well use some other guy’s blog engine. So here we go, I start from scratch and so can you.