Here’s to … changes

I decided to start with a new series of posts (oh well, I guess it’ll turn out later if it’s really going to be a series) of Here’s to … Xyz posts to praise (or slam; go figure it out!) stuff.

So here’s to changes. If someone told me a year ago where I would be in a year and what I would be doing, I would have smiled at them and thought something like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But here I am: After almost 4 years in Microsoft’s Development Center in Zurich, Switzerland I decided to pursue new opportunities and to move to Redmond in the state of Washington, where I am now working as part of the Windows Services and Content team in the Windows client organization. Which gets me right to the point: Changes. For me this really was a big change and so far I think it was well worth it. I have to admit though, that I did underestimate the work and stress invovled in the relocation (and I’m not completely done yet). On the other hand, what I gained so far already is priceless. So maybe in a year from now, you should ask me what I think about this. And maybe I’ll still tell you the same thing. Changes can be a good thing, if you give it a try.