Data Recovery

In the course of figuring out whether or not it would make sense to try to recover the data on my RIPped harddisk, I realised that even though it might just go all well it (i.e. most of the rant from my blog so far) is not really worth it. It appears that the companies which offer this kind of services in the greater area all ask for something like 800-1000 CHFs. Given that until last Sunday I have written around 280 posts and at most 100 of them are actually of any interest, they would each have to have a value of around 8 CHFs. Honestly, I don’t think they do ­čśë

So I started recovering the posts I actually somehow liked from├é┬ámultiple search engines’ caches. So please do not be surprised if you run into old blog posts again and if you do not understand ’em because they’re German.

Multi-Lingual User Interfaces

One thing I found particularly interesting about the blog engine I am using (i.e. BlogEngine.NET) is that it comes with a multi-lingual user interface. To be more specific, the engine tries to find the best fit for the preferred language which you have set in your browser. This is nothing new but usually requires some work behind the scences. And as the guy behind (amongst many more) the multi-lingual user interfaces in all├é┬áthe administrative interfaces of the Response Group Service of Office Communications Server 2007 R2 I know what I am talking about ­čśë